Thursday, April 30, 2009

X Games

Well where do I start!

We had a 10min practice go this morning, which i felt good on, I had worked the climb and knew what I had to too. I felt I was just as good or not to far off the top guns from Russia and China.

After that everyone had to leave the ground for a police check. Back in we went, and it was time for the setting round, this is where they take the top 8 into the final. Fastest to slowest. I was up 3rd, came out, started out good then just fumbled a bit and I was all over, 2nd last, thanks for coming. I did not feel good on the wall, not myself. Rob and I have had the flu seen Sunday before leaving.

So now just have to get over in and move on to the next comp The Rock Masters on Saturday and Sunday.

Going to watch the final of the men at the X Games tomorrow.

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