Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shanghai Rock Masters

The Shanghai Rock Masters was such a fun event. The world record speed climb is such a good climb. Its hard and I need time on it to learn the moves and get faster on it. The climb has the same hold all the way up and the same foot hold, and has been around for 3 years now so some of the women have been training on it for that long. Rob was up first on the Saturday he climbed well, but not as good as has he can, bit nervous? He was going to climb again in the evening but it just bucketed down and they put the speed on instead, so I was up. I had a few goes on the world record speed climb after Rob's climb and felt ok. When it was my turn I must of been a little tense, my foot slipped off the first hold and I was out of there. But we had two goes. The next time I was worried about slipping and did not get a good time. I did not feel like it was me climbing at all!

The next day Rob was up again in the morning and he climbed really well. He came 7th on that climb and 10th overall. I was climbing again in the afternoon on a classic route which is a climb that none of us have been on. I thought I would have done better on this, but the girls were just the next step or two above me. I came last in both record and classic speed climbing. I have so much work to do be for the World Games as it's going to be record format. The experience of being in this comp has made me want to train harder. I've learnt so much!

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