Saturday, April 25, 2009

The China Campaign

Rob and I are off to China to compete in two competitions. I will be doing the Asian X Games and The Shanghai Rock Masters for Speed Climbing, Rob will be in the Shanghai Rock Masters for Lead. Because we are the Oceania Champions in these disciplines, we were invited to these events.

We started training specifically for these events 7 weeks ago when we found we could go. Training wise, we have been climbing lots down at SICG because of the height and the variety of walls angles. The X Games wall is 17 metres high with two, 1 metre overhangs and steep climbing in between! I have been doing sets of laps with only a short rest in between. This has been working as yesterday my last speed training day and I felt like it has all come together, that I'm flowing really well, and that I'm strong and powerful.

Rob has been doing lots and lots of training, SICG has been good for onsighting for him as all the route have been changed recently. He is looking really confident, strong and fit.

Asian X Games (S) - Shanghai (CHN) 2009 30th and 31st
Shanghai Rock Master (L + S) - Shanghai (CHN) 2009, 2nd & 3rd

Results should be up after the event on the IFSC website

All 4 of are packing our bags and getting ready to fly out Monday morning. Minah and Tahlia are very excited. They've checked out the new Chinese Visas in their passports, put some Chinese Yuan in their wallets, packed lots of books and charged their DSs for the flight!

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog site Carlie! And I love the picture of you rock jumping:)

After reading your blurb at the top of the page, I just wanted to say that it is great to have you back on the scene! Your come back has been very inspirational, not just with the recover of your shoulder and cranking hard, but your committment to the sport. You and Rob have been so supportive for all the comps - setting, and getting people involved!

Best wishes!

samb said...

Hi its Sam Burnett from 3/4LM wising you both all the best on your China canpaign.Please come back safe and maybe a win would be good.