Friday, May 14, 2010

The last 2 months

We have been down to Nowra a lot in the last 2 months. Which has been so good. I started with working Ain't no Sunshine at South Central. After a couple of days I tick it, it's the best 28 in the world, a really cool climb.
My next project I wanted to do was Brown Badge just left of Sunshine. So after ticking Sunshine that day I put the draws on Brown Badge and then next go ticked it. So that was a good day, a 28 and a 27!

Brown Badge 27

So it was over the other side of Nowra Thompson's Point. Where a did Baby Just Don't Bite It 28. I was working this last year for a couple of days. It was nice to do it first day working it this year. It's also a really cool climb, a long traverse of the Little Grease Cave's roof. I went back over to the Creek where it took me a couple of days to tick off Maintain the Rage 27. It starts the same as Brown Badge. It's the hard of the two I think. Nice climb.

Maintain The Rage 27

Since then I have been working Skin to Skin, which I ticked off a week ago. My first 29 (8a), that's cool. My husband Rob as done a little story of me and this climb on the Nowra Rocks page. Me and this climb go way back.

Skin to Skin 29

My summer training has paid off! It shows that if you want something and work hard for it, you will achieve it. The new Five Ten Teams have been with me on all of these accents. They are the best climbing shoe, thanks Teams!

Friday, February 5, 2010

2009 Australian Bouldering Nationals

The 2009 Bouldering National was held at the Climbing Centre, NSW Penrith. Rob and I set with the help from Chris Webb. Chris made it his job to punish the Open male climbs in the finals and it was a nail biting final. It came down to the last problem to make the placing, but the crusher from the bloc Mac Edwards smash the final problem to take out first place on the podium. Sam berry walk the 4 final problem to take out the Open female. Its was a double for the bloc duo.

For more results on the comp go to the SCA web site.

It was a really fun event and great fun to set at. Can't wait for this year when I would like to compete in the comp this time.

Sam Berry on the 3rd final problem

Axel showing us our his slab moves on the 2nd final problem

Saturday, August 22, 2009

France Man

I am in France for the World Youths. Been here for one night, man it was a long flight or flights.
I am here with two of the team members, Mel and Zoe. The other will be here over the next couple of days. The comp starts next thursday, this is the Aus blog for all the updates

So for now hanging in Valence. Going to the climbing gym over the couple of days for last minute training for the team.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Now and France

So since we have been back we both have been so keen to train and get fit and strong. I have been doing lots of Resistance work as I have not done any fitness training in a very long time due to speed training. So that has been nice and I feel like I am getting fit quick.

I two weeks I am going to France with the Australian Youth Climbing team for the World Youth Championships. We have 16 young climbers on the team. The comp is in Valence, south of France. After the comp hoping to do lots of rock climbing!

The Rest World Games

The World Games was so cool. I came 11th i the speed and 9th in the lead. Watching the other climber was so amazing. After the climbing we went and watched some other sports like parachutists were the Aussie took out bronze. Then it was off to see the Aussie Ultimate Frisbee team were they took out bronze too. And, we watched some amazing Acrobatic Gymnasts.

Overall it was a wonderful trip and one were we enjoyed and learned.

Maya Vidmar

Acrobatic Gymnasts

Me in Speed

Rob in Lead

Saturday, July 18, 2009

World Games Day 1 & 2

The world Games are so cool. On Thursday we walk into the opening ceremony of the world games with all the other Australian from different sports. Its was so cool walking in behind your country flags and 40,000 people cheering for you. Then the fire works after were bigger the New Years Eve in Sydney!

Yesterday we went to the wall, its at a high school. The school has one indoor wall about 10m high with 4 ropes on it and then 7 bouldering walls that are set up world cup style. THEN a big outdoor lead wall which we have not seen yet as it got all the comp climbs on it and there is another warm up wall TOO! This would be to school to go to if you were a young climber.

In the arvo went to the Sumo, that was cool. The guys and girls are so strong and big.

Rob is updating his blog too

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Week of Training

Rob and I are leave today for the World Games in Taiwan. We compete on Saturday and Sunday 18th/19th. I have had a few light trains at SICG and Penrith Climbing Gym. My last train at SICG felt like I made a good step in my training as I broke the 10sec on the 13 metre wall, with 9.21sec.

Here is a vid of me, but when I got the camera out could not get a 9 again.

Rob is feeling great and ready for the Games. He has been tapering the last 2 weeks.

This was taken last time we were down at Nowra, me on Baby just don't bite it 28, hoping next time i will send it, such a cool route!