Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tour De Corde So Far.........

The Tour has now had two comps one at Penrith Climbing Centre and The Rockhouse Brookvale. Both comps were high on the fun factor and the competition was fierce but friendly.

Penrith- Lindsay Fletcher in Youth C age 12 was the star, smashing everyone over the two days with 52 climbs and 27,051 points all done in the two and half hours time limit.

Andy Richardson won the open A male with has 10 best climbs 9390 points, Sarah Mathews took out the open A female with 8,955.

Overall Penrith had 107 competitors and lots of PUMPED arms.

For results on the Penrith Tour de Corde click here.

Rockhouse comp had a standout crowd too with 105 competitors over the two days, Opens was huge on the Friday night. The leaders from the Penrith Comp had to wear, in the traditional style of the Tour, a yellow tag on their harnesses to show they were the leaders.

Stand out performances were Dave Hoyle from Hangdog with 44 climbs and 28,210 points being the overall pumper with the most points. But the climber with the most climbs was Adam Gearing, a Youth C male from the Rockhouse who did 48 climbs and scored 26,260 points!

Robert LeBreton from the FIS, Mitch Breheny from the Centre of Gravity in Port Macquarie, and Pitch Ninja, Axel Triton shared the prize in the Open A male with 9,410 points. The Rockhouse's own Ben Aves, in Youth A Male, achieved the same score the following day. Open A Female was won by another Rockhouse local Nikki Selles with 9,025 points.

Rockhouse Results

The next Tour de Corde is at Hangdog Climbing Gym on the 1st and 2nd of May, hope everyone feels the pump!

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