Friday, February 13, 2009

Tour De Corde 2009

The Roped Series also introduces two new aspects to the pumpfest format. The first is the introduction of a team score where the 2 highest placed competitors in each category from each team earn points to toward their team's overall score. The second is the introduction of the "Pumper" Category in the Open event. The Pumper category is designed for those climbers who enjoy getting involved and doing as much climbing as they can in 2 and a half hours. Juniors are also welcome to compete in the Pumper category. In addition to these changes, all juniors who compete in all 5 events will be recognised with a medal at the end of the series.

Open will be Friday night 7pm and Juniors will be Saturday morning at 9am

27-28 February – Penrith Climbing Centre
20-21 March – Northern Beaches Rockhouse, Brookvale
1-2 May – Hangdog, Wollongong
22-23 May – Summit, Blacktown
19- 20th - SICG, St Peters

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