Saturday, July 18, 2009

World Games Day 1 & 2

The world Games are so cool. On Thursday we walk into the opening ceremony of the world games with all the other Australian from different sports. Its was so cool walking in behind your country flags and 40,000 people cheering for you. Then the fire works after were bigger the New Years Eve in Sydney!

Yesterday we went to the wall, its at a high school. The school has one indoor wall about 10m high with 4 ropes on it and then 7 bouldering walls that are set up world cup style. THEN a big outdoor lead wall which we have not seen yet as it got all the comp climbs on it and there is another warm up wall TOO! This would be to school to go to if you were a young climber.

In the arvo went to the Sumo, that was cool. The guys and girls are so strong and big.

Rob is updating his blog too

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